Arlo 4 Camera Post Housing

I have a 3” by 3” post for my shop fence. This housing will fit inside the post (mild interference fit) and will protect the camera, while allowing me to run power up through the post, and fence railing.


Nice. I assume it is 3D printed? If so, I’m curious, what material and what surface was placed on the print bed.

Hi Mike,
I have a number of 3D printers. The prototype print used ABS on a Zortrax M200. (See image)

The platform uses a perforated board, so no glue, film, or other element is needed. The actual item will be made of Nylon, using an Ultimaker S5. It uses a glass platform, with glue stick applied. The support portion of the print will use PVA, a water soluble filament.


Very nice, thanks for sharing.
I have a TAZ 6 and was considering getting the dual extruder with the idea of using PVA on the 2nd nozzle. Are there any issues or extra effort keeping the PVA filament dry when not in use?
My current filament of choice is PETG, although I have used ColorFabbs nGen and XT. I also use PLA for test prototypes and for simple parts.
Side note: I was using Simplify3D as my main slicer on the TAZ but not very happy with the results both in quality and function. I also have a Prusa i3 MK3s and the Prusa Mini. Their slicer, Prusaslicer, is top notch. I recently made a TAZ6 printer profile for it and I’m seeing much better results.



The PVA definitely is sensitive. The base of the S5 has a 24/7 humidity control station (an accessory) which keeps the PVA on the spool in good condition. BUT the PVA outside that chamber, and in the Bowden tube becomes very brittle, and at a meter of PVA needs to be removed, if left more than a few days. The finish of the nylon is not that great. I will need to try PETG soon. Tom