Navigation lights for sailing yacht

I designed a modular set of components to make navigationlights for my sailing yacht:

Additional components are leds and a CC/CV converter for electronics and a borosilicate tube for glass.

All other components are professionally 3d printed in PA12, polished, painted and hydrodipped for carbon look:
For mounting the lights on different positions I had stainless steel parts water-cut, designed with shaper:

In total I produced 10 navigation lights.


Very nice work! Would be interesting to understand your motivation for a custom design vis a vis an off the shelf solution? And maybe a picture of your yacht?



My primary motivation was simple: the challenge to make “perfect” navigation lights. Secondary: money. Market led navigationlights range from €80 to €600 a piece, the cheap ones are not good in many respects. I started with the need of 4, later this became 7. Total out of pocket cost per piece was less then €50. Mine are now comparable with the ones costing at least 300.
This is my yacht “Norna Biron” ;


Wow, that’s really great. I wish I could do that kind of stuff for my aircraft but it is certified (not experimental) so the government is involved and this makes it quite cumbersome.

But your work should be an inspiration to all.