Need Help flattening bottom of 3d text

Hey All,

Need to learn how to flatten the bottom of 3D text to allow it to free stand. ie. O, G , 0, C etc…

I’m new to CAD and have discovered how to create 3D text to scale however I’m creating DXF files for how wire foam cutting. Need the text to be evenly level on the bottom. I’m guessing there is an easy cutting tool Amy suggestions/help would be greatly appreciated.

I then need to know how to copy and paste the letter if need to be to replicate it. Example, if i have 3 x 0’s . I can slice one, then replicate the other two.

See image below of what i ma trying to achieve plus DXF cutting file.


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Create the objects as normal (extrude them from the text), then position a plane where you want the ‘flat’ to be. Select the plane, then each object you want cut (you can select them all together) and choose “split body”. You can delete the offcuts.

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You could create a plane then simply extrude the plane to cut away the bottom of the letters…


Like Steve suggested. It’s the easiest way to do it.

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