New Drawing Module

Just looking at your new drawing module and have a view inputs.
Please put section area in bottom right corner and upper left hand corner of your formats for “Part Number”
Please put a revision column starting in the right hand upper corner of the documents, also add it after the part number in a section area/box.
When you get around to adding more geometry views, please include section views.
Also in your geometry views, please allow us users to remove radius lines and add hidden lines.
Are there plans to adding geometric tolerance? Hope so.
Since you’re at the very beginning of “Drawings” this will likely seem as a never ending update or changes from this point on.


Hi @Kando, thank you very much for the feedback.

A couple of questions, please:

  • About the part number and revision number in the document title block: could you please tell us why these are essential? This would help us to prioritize…
  • Hidden feature lines are already possible to display: if you select a view that is already on your drawing, there’s a little icon that toggles hidden features on and off. Is that what you need?

In the future:

  • Section views are coming up soon, possibly in a few months, no exact date yet
  • Geometric tolerances might come later in the future, no decision yet about its priority


Part numbers and revision letters are one of the most important elements to a drawing. What, you think some machine shop only has you as a customer. How do you suppose they file your drawing? There could literally be 100 parts with the same name at a vendor that specializes in making the production part your requesting from them.
And a revision is more then likely to take place on every part you design then not. How are you going to Guarantee the vendor will make the latest changes/tweaks if they don’t have an updated drawing showing the latest revision? And who is to blame when your parts are delivered without the changes because you couldn’t document them on the drawing?
Whoever asked this question in your support group, seemed to never have worked in a production facility.
Yeah, toggling on and off is a good start, but the drawings need a lot of clean up work. You never show tangent lines. Especially hidden tangent lines. So please give us users the ability to remove unwanted geometry in our views.