New Kid on the block!

Hey guy’s! Newbie here! Can someone direct me to a step by step tutorial for Shape3D, or are the 10 tutorials on the Shaper app gonna cover everything?
Thanks, and I cant wait to share my designs!

The tutorials will give you a great start. You’ll find it very intuitive. As you thirst for more tutorials, go to the Shapr3D YouTube channel.

Thank you so much. also, I went back to the main page and found a ton more tutorials. So that was helpful too. My problem is that they use terminology that I don;'t quite know yet.
one more, if you don’t mind… Im having trouble naming my work in the Shape app. I read that you can hover over the nameplate and it will allow you to change the name, but mine stays a light grey “unnamed” and will not allow me to change the name. any ideas?

Jessie, take a look at this short video. Just tap the grayed name with your pencil, then type the name you want, and then hit Enter on your keyboard.

Thank you again for your help. Im actually using my finger on a track pad, BUT I was able to make the name change buy rubbing my finger across the grey box and it allowed a change. Its hard trying to translate finger movement to the pencil movements. I’m having to discover the exact micro movements that equate to a pencil stroke!

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