Step by step Video

The videos that i have seen on youtube are not tutorials, they are more of what shapr3d can do, a step by step video with voice or written instructions would be most appreciated and helpful using the command tools and how to call the tools from that kind of exercise. Starting with a simple 2d draft to 3d. With this people won’t get disheartened and give up on the most promising software.


Thank you for your post. We are currently working on it so you can expect new step by step guides in the upcoming months.


A good way to build a solid foundation of tutorials, would be to encourage the community to make their own, and incentivize it.

How about doing a tutorial on “how to make tutorials” - live screen feed, adding text, editing audio/video, picture-in-picture, exporting to video format, etc. is it even possible to do this all on mobile? I’ve been iOS-only for a good few years now…


Hi - Great idea. We will give it a thought :slight_smile:

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