New Visualization Beta - Light rotation, intensity

New Beta is out (5.120 - 2996) on iOS and macOS

  • Light rotation: adjust from which direction the light hits your objects.

  • Light intensity: tone down or crank up light intensity with this new feature.

  • Models and their reflections will adapt to the environment’s background color

Remember, the Beta is an ongoing endeavour. We keep adding new features and making improvements based on your feedback, so keep using the app and let us know what you think!

Want to join? Here is how: About the Shapr3D Visualization category

Please note that going forward we require your regular subscription to access Pro features in the Beta, just like in the live app. If you have any questions about this change, feel free to reach out to me directly at


I tried to update to see the new feature but I’m stuck with 5.1 as the latest update.
I’m assuming it’s not yet rolled out globally? I’m here in the UK.


Sometimes Testflight just doesn’t refresh itself, try force closing it and starting again. It should be available globally.


Thank you. I just tried and now see the update option. Updating right now and looking forward to trying it :ok_hand:

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Ok, I have now updated the app to version 5.120 but don’t see how to change the lighting. The UI is exactly the same as previous with only options for material and environment. Please forgive me if I’ve missed something obvious…

Look for it in under the Enviroment tab, under the environment’s settings.


Lighting settings are linked to the environments, so you can find them under the environment options.

IBL is now tinted by the environment’s color.


I knew I’d missed something quite obvious… Thank you!


I’ve tried the new feature and I guess it is an improvement but it still needs some work.

It’s great that the the environment can be rotated to change the lighting direction.

It’s great that the light intensity can be changed.

However, this falls far short of what a product designer would desire.

In order to display a product to a potential client or for marketing purposes a little more control of the lighting is essential.

One needs to think from the perspective of a photographer and have the ability to first compose/frame the shot then add lighting to accentuate\highlight the features.

Currently, Im having to rotate my model to ‘catch the light’ then find that my framing is far from desirable.

Panning the environment is not quite enough. Even limiting a lighting setup to a single light source would benefit from tilt and not just pan.

A three point lighting setup would be even more helpful to allow for more creative setups to include rim lighting.

Of course, there is still a place for environmental lighting but that isn’t how product designers usually display their products.

Beyond that, I look forward to the day that multiple light sources can be placed, at will, within a model…

Hope this came across as positive and not just a rant… :rofl:

Thanks :grinning:


Thanks! We are all aware of these :slight_smile:

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Do Windows updates usually come later?
Would love to see this too but Im guessing I might have to buy an Ipad to get the most from Shapr :frowning:

Visualization for Windows is in development, but no release date set in stone yet. It can be expected during the summer if all goes well.


It’s far from being a rant.
A forum is about constructive criticism, and its precisely what you’ve done.