Materials are here!

Shapr3D Visualization Beta is now open!

Fill out a short survey, download the beta and start to add materials to your models. If you have any feedback, start a thread under the Shapr3D Visualization Beta category!

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Thank you :wink:


I use mostly wood textures. I can’t seem to find a way to rotate materials. Am I missing something or is it not possible in this beta version?

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I tried the same
Could not find a way to rotate material

Looks good.
Wood is kind split in to 4 pieces that are glued together .
Tried fiddeling a bit.

Would love to be able to change the gloss individually and move light source .

Love that we get materials and will use it much.
Thank you team for making it possible


Playing around on old models
Get crashes when impo
rting old files

That is not possible at the moment - can you please share the reason why you would like to rotate the material? Might be trivial, but would help us understand the specific need.

@Jonas same question - any background story on rotation would help (+ on the light source as well)

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The reason fo being able to rotate the material is to have woodwn fibers go different ways on different parts.

Here is a example on a table i am working with in woodshop.

I tried draw this to present to customer a year ago.

Each piece has its fibers going different ways.
This is called herringbone.
Mostly for flors but makeing a table.

This is one good example how it would be nice to rotate material.

And to have different textures if you can move arround


Reason to be able to move the light is to be able to light it or get the glare from different side.

Might work to just turn the models.
Have not checked that.

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Wood grain needs to follow specific directions in furniture components. Adding material with the wrong orientation make the product look wrong and very fake. Perhaps because I manufacture the furniture I draw I’m more conscience of this detail. I see the error in many renderings even when changing the orientation is possible.

I noticed you have a few materials with the grain going one way and a few the opposite. Having each wood with grain directions 90 degrees to each other would be a good start but will only get you so far. Rotating 360 degrees is almost necessary.

That’s just my use case and I’m sure it will work fine the way it is for many. I was just surprised it wasn’t possible as it seems like a necessary option. Without it I can’t begin to use the wood materials.



Can you show an example on what you make?


Great start! It lacks some feature that Cadmio has (I know that is a Beta) but I see myself use this a lot more than Cadmio.

By the way also for me it is really important the rotation of the textures in different angles for the wood grain.


What is the time frame when this will be pushed to the latest ipad and windows version of shapr3d.

I really like the rendering upgrade it will put Shapr3D in competition with the big cad software. Here is some rendering I did in about 10 minutes

Thank you


Excellent start!


does shapr3d anticipate utilizing the rendering package with the augmented realty side of shapr3d.

Thank you

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I was going to ask that same question.

It would be amazing

Yes, we are planning to support AR down the road, but it will with a later release.