Non orthogonal views in 2D drawings

Limited views in 2D drawings. At present, only orthogonal and one isometric view is available.
I would like to:

  1. Be able to add a view perpendicular to a surface or defined by a line similar to the Section command but without the section cut cross hatching.

My current workaround is to create a plane on the orthogonal axis x,y or z, select the whole object then align the target surface to the plane. However this messes up any other drawing views I have created.

  1. When creating an isometric view, there is only one directional option. This does not always show the most intuitive view to understand the object. I would like to select isometric view from other directions.

My current workaround on his is to select the whole object then rotate it before creating an isometric view.

I would expect this functionality to be a fairly basic requirement for producing 2D drawings.