-How do I dimension this?


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January 28

This is not how I would layout this drawing. Lower left “front view” ,
Upper left “top view”, Lower right “side view” , Upper right “Isometric
view”. *** See the example
with a different part


Yes I agree but I am not asking about how to lay out the views, the point is that the views don’t show the component “square on”, they’re shown skewed. How do I get the views square to screen? Thankyou though.

Are your choosing the views? I select which views I want shown, and as such, wouldn’t choose that specific view. Am I missing something?

Well I have done this in Nx, build a solid part on a WCS and rotate as needed.

@realdrogo this is what I have found to do as well. I have created drawings from a copy of a specific body or assembly that has then been positioned off to the side in line with the X axis.

But you’re correct, the drawings don’t like having their parent body changed. You can make the smallest change and it’s a roll of the dice how the drawing will react.

Hopefully at some point we can select a surface or plane that determines a drawings base view regardless of it’s orientation in the 3D space.

@ricko3k aside from aligning the bodies square, the two dimensions you annotated could be displayed as absolute instead of horizontal/vertical.

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Thankyou x 2.

Thankyou Sir for your help, yes you are slightly missing it, if you look at the other 2 replies it might be clearer. Thankyou though.

Thankyou Dave.

I think I thanked you all individually, but if not, thankyou for your help.

I’m sorry I thought I was clear, and I showed you an example of the root of the problem.
Good luck

Hi Dave, thanks. No offence intended. Probably me not understanding.
Regards Richard.