Object crashes Shapr on attempt to export as STEP file

The flying car I made recently crashes Shapr when I try to export as a STEP file. It’s just the main body part pictured that causes the issue, all the other parts will export if I untick the body.

It’s only a hobby project and I sent the crash report, but was hoping for suggestions here that might help me fix the problem.

I figured out the problem by duplicating the body and trying to save sections. The part that didn’t save was the upper back end, it’s the rear lights causing it.

Cutting the lights out resulted in the body saving correctly as a STEP file. I’ll redo the lights and all will be good. :+1:

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If you still getting this crash after redoing the lights, Please open a support ticket and upload your Workspace so we can investigate the problem.
Thanks :smiley:

Thanks very much. It exported fine after I did the lights again :+1: