Why such odd behaviour?

I can save in shapr3d format but not export in step or iges as it crashes, in addition should i return to the shapr3d file, its replicated the model on itself 4 times for no reason so probably its crashing because of this. It should have 600 elements and has risen over 2k. Theres nothing i could have done to cause this manually.

I have given up on your beta as obviously its not promised as reliable and has gotten less so, but now soley running the stable and work reliant on such, its not acceptable to be meeting such random issue and causes a lot of stress, in addition i dont care how confidential your agreement is, that is neither security or privacy and i resent you asking for my design every time.

Just to confirm having gone back to backup my work is now trapped for i cant export other than in shapr3d, how is this acceptable when you market the software as for professional use, ehich you must as i was paying full price for the privelege until you reduced it.

Hi! I understand your frustration, but please note that the failed export can be caused by various reasons, like parasolid issues, imported external files, etc. Because of this it is very difficult or nearly impossible to investigate an issue like this without the faulty workspace.
Please consider to share your workspace, it would really help to resolve your issue.
If it is confidental, please send it to my company e-mail: daniel.horvath@shapr3d.com or open a ticket for the support (support@shapr3d.com) and share with them. We will handle it strictly confidental.

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This is not the case this time, however given my area of work it is often the case that i hold an agreement of confidentiality with a client, it could also reach levels of secrecy, which has no relation on our confidentiality agreement and for you it wouldnt extend to my client, you cant unsee what has been seen and if i had engineered something dangerous you would be witness to it, which is for me then potentially a jailable offence and a huge breach of your company, considering such risk i must adopt the standard of never sharing.

So can i clarify if your product is suitable for professional and expert use? Im feeling the main focus to be creators and amateurs, rather than engineers and professionals, it would be a shame to fail to replace the old tools we have for such a utilisable product, but i realise your profits lie with the masses, so…

Hi @Wezza77 , I understand that you run into a frustrating issue. We’d love to help resolving it. Can you please get in touch directly with Barnabas, our customer success manager? barnabas.bedocs@shapr3d.com

Are you using the Beta version of Shapr3D, or is this happening with the live version?