Object organization

As I am getting more into more complex models I find myself wishing there was a deeper way to organize the different parts of the model.

My current project is a model of the home we are building and the hilltop it sets on. The model is getting complex and it’s becoming less effective and less efficient to move thru folders and subfolders and sub-subfolders.

A secondary classification system would be great. An example of this relevant to my current project would be folders to organize the rooms of the house and a secondary classification for the materials, which are in many, if not all, the rooms. An object can be organized based on two criteria, not just the folder it’s in. I think something like this would be of use in many fields. Any project that has more than few parts or types of parts could benefit from more organization.

Also I would love to be able to see the whole folder tree. That would make navigation thru many subfolders much faster. Is that already a feature and I’m just missing it?

Shaper3D team, anything along these lines in the pipeline? (I know the roadmap is hush hush.) Could it part be of the textures or assemblies upgrades that have been hinted at?

What are some of the methods everyone uses to make complex models well organized?

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