Shortcuts/menus to organize models, colour coding

So far, really enjoy modelling in Shapr. The more I use it the less worried I get about having to rework things or whether or not I have to make something in a certain order, which is really great. One thing that does stand out is that I find it very easy to become disorganized and organization is rather slow (if I forget to use folders at the start). So a few tweaks and I think organization could be sped up quite a bit:

In viewport organization, a way to select objects and to move them to an existing folder or to create a new folder and move it in there. An example from Blender:

Blender uses a shortcut to bring up this menu and it’s a very fast way of organizing if folders weren’t set up ahead of time.

Other note would be to have sketches and folders become colour coded, so in viewport you can visually see which sketch belongs to what folder.

e.g. Folder with a red dot makes sketches red.

This could also work with selection colours possibly, so selecting an object in red folder would be red.

And another shortcut that would be useful to see is a way to quickly select objects in the same folder. I previously mentioned a pie menu system in another post so I suppose a selection wheel would work. If not, a wheel that a user can custom create. Blender has something called quick favourites which is something that allows for users to quickly select an operation and add to a menu.

Anyway, hope that wasn’t too rambling. Just wanted to make suggestions while the ideas are fresh. Shapr is really enjoyable to use and appreciate the amount of work that’s been put into it.

I don’t find dragging and dropping objects into folders using the sidebar to be very cumbersome. You can also drag them between folders if you decide to reorganize later.

In viewport organisation is still faster, you can do the same folder system in blender with drag and drop but the keyboard will always be quicker.