Odd text projection consequence

projected some text onto a cylinder (tin) with the following result…odd!

You need to unselect the inner portions of those letters with inner loops.

It isn’t the enclosed loop that puzzles me…it’s the weird distortion of the cylinder…looks like it’s about to explode!

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Ah. Sorry. I didn’t realize which aspect you were referring to.

You may have serendipitously come upon a neat feature for shaping surfaces or solids?:partying_face:

Did you select and move the projected letters ?

I pressed the space bar while hovering over the surface of the cylinder then added text to the plane - then I projected the text onto the cylinder - I didn’t notice the weird distortion until a bit later.

Projection should not change the surface that you are projecting onto. If you experience this issue again, or have a way to reproduce it, please let us know.