Pan and orbit flexibility

The defined mouse mechanisms for panning and orbiting are opposite of Cura 3D printing software (right click by default orbits in CURA vs panning and vice versa for panning). While neither is ‘right’ I guess I would like some flexibility to define the actions for mouse use to match other PC tools. A refined ask, for sure, but submitting just the same!

Definitely, we will have to make these control configurable.


I Have a suggestion to make. Since you have a standalone application and not running via browser would it be possible to make Zoom, Pan and Rotate navigation be done by 2, 3 and 4 finger press on the Microsoft precision touchpad.

This would eliminate the need of using Shift Key almost entirely and simplify the navigation of the environment when only trackpad is available (like surface cover)

3D Design from the comfort of your couch.

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Definitely being able to customize this is a must. Please also add the ability to swap touchpad orbit and pan. Blender’s default is the opposite.

Any update on this?

Dear JAM,
Shapr3D will release a new view navigation default for Windows on 19th April together with 10 other view navigation presets of popular CAD tools. (3ds max, AutoCAD, Blender, Cinema 4D, Fusion 360, LEGO Studio, OnShape, Rhino, SketchUp, SolidWorks) I believe that the preset more close to your description is the new Shapr3D default (where panning is: Shift + Right Mouse Button, orbiting is: Right Mouse Button + drag, zooming is: scroll wheel). But if in the meantime you got more used to the current navigation you can still choose to keep the Shapr3D Classic navigation in the future.

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Will try it out —. I use ipad mostly, but would like to use both platforms more. I find that the windows version is mildly useful, but still ‘behind’ in so many ways!

Thanks for the continuing improvement,


What do you miss the most from Shapr3D on Windows?

I tried it early days of the release and to be honest I haven’t given it a run through of recent…so I need to do that to give you some feedback. I think the cloud feature was my last want and I don’t believe its been released as of yet? I spend most of my time on the ipad version. It seems last I used it some of the export and 3D printing formats were still needing refinement. I use windows mostly for when I want to print an object that I have exported from the ipad (in CURA).

Perhaps a way to directly print from SHAPR would be fun from a design flow — but that is a pretty big integration task.


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I see, makes sense! We are very close to release Sync&Backup on Windows :slight_smile:

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Maybe this addressed in the ipad only implementation of cloud sharing:

I often want to ‘clip’ in an existing drawing into a new drawing. Today I have to manually export and then import into the new drawing. Would like the ability to import any existing drawing in the database that my account has.

Also would like the ability to clip a part in one project and the paste it in another project. Like borrow a screw from one project and use it in another, as an example

Thanks for all the great new features!