Right-click orbit

Using Shapr 3D on Windows. Right-click pans the screen and Shift-Right-Click orbits.

Is there away to reverse this behaviour?

There’s multiple keyboard layouts, are those options any help? I use the lego style layout

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The larger issue raised by this question is the lack of full customization of mouse controls. While it’s great that a wide selection of presets is available, it doesn’t cover everything. For example, if I want to use the middle mouse button for orbit and the right mouse button for pan, I’m out of luck. Why not just let the user have full customization like what Alibre does?


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The Gizmo should have a way to constrain orbits and rotations on X, Y or Z on tablets, and key + mouse combos to do the same on computers.

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Thanks everyone. I figured it out after I made the post.