Partly gray screen on macOS 12.1

Good morning

Happened now around the 4th or 5th time that suddenly part of the drawing screen turns gray on my Mac Mini M1 running 12.1:

This time when I wanted to move a sketched rectangle…

Had to do a picture as screenshot turns the whole drawing area gray…
Furthermore interesting…when I reopen the design I see what I have drawed before when the screen turned gray but clicked around…

Anyone else seeing this?



Thanks for the report, we will investigate!
Was there anything specific you did before it happened? Which M1 mac are you using? Also, are you on app version 5.40?

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Nothing special…when I later reopened the design and moved the rectangle again it didn’t happen…another time it happened when I just clicked on a line to show its dimension.

It is the Mac Mini M1 2020 model with 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD.

And yes…using the latest version 5.40 (2174).

As the software works…meaning it accepts clicks and draws something…I suspects something with the GPU driver…

And if I recall it right…it only happened in sketch mode…but I’ll watch out more carefully (o;


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Thank you, we are on it!