Patterns History not working

Hi team!

My two observations:

  1. When using the Pattern (both Circular and Linear) tool, you can not edit the pattern once you click Done.

  2. When using the Pattern tool you can not use the Pattern Histoy data fields to edit the pattern, you can only edit the new Pattern with the click and drag arrows and their attached small data fields.

When I opened the Beta and started to test the History features I found myself chuckling out loud multiple times. The history based features are such a great quality-of-life addition.
Great work so far team! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :partying_face:

Hi @J.L , yes, the pattern feature (both 2D and 3D) are half baked in the beta. Will be fixed for the public release. Thanks for the feedback.

I’m glad that you like it! :slight_smile:

Is the pattern tool already fixed ?

We have improved it a lot, it will be much better in the next beta release.


That will be very welcome. Are you aware of the strange effect that is happening when you union body’s of a pattern? It makes extra (double) copies and the union command divide the objects into strange blocks. Please try it yourself to see this not to clarify results…

Do you know when the new update will be operational ?

Hello, I need to recall this message. Very simple (however overlooked the function after several attemps): but the union function has the feature to keep original (or not).