Pattern tool need improvement

I have the iPad Pro M2. 16GB RAM. I am using the Pattern tool. I created a sketch rectangle plan 121x121mm. Then I added via the Pattern Tool a grid of 24x24 Hexagon shapes. Then I extruded the plane 2mm. Then I made 4 additional copies to create a box. Then I took each piece and used the Align tool to put the pieces together to create a Box with one open side as the top. It is taking a long time to render as I edit and move things around. Such as I want to add a Chamfer to each inside corner to make the design stronger. This takes forever to calculate. I did the above with a 7x7 grid and it worked very well. Nice.
Also, it would be nice if I could specify lets say a grid 24X x 24Y and have the Pattern Tool fill in the grid after specifying the spacing.

Thank You

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I see in my Original post I missed a step that would help you diagnose the issue. I Unioned the Box shape after Aligning each panel, sense each panel is still separate and will not allow me to chamfer the inside corners. The app still thinks these are individual parts. On my 7x7 version I made a sketch plane within a sketch plane to create the panel. Then I extruded the outer part and then extruded the inner part. This seemed to create a solid box when I went to Align each panel. But I can’t get it to do the same thing here. Which is a bummer.
I don’t like the Union function. Because it is limited as to what editing can be done on a Union Part. And in the most part there is no UNDO command or separate function. YES, there is the slit tool but that is not the same thing. If I need to get back the individual parts. The only time I use the Union tool is before exporting part for printing. So I have a Water proof part. I don’t like the Copy and keep Original parts and I will try again to see exactly why I hate it.
I mentioned in another post that I would like to see a Auto Union function. If I highlight parts that make up my design. I need the option to just Auto Union the parts when I select Export to STL file. It has been suggested that just Union part just before Export. Instead of copping part then Union part then Rename part. I find if I Union a part this way I end up forgetting to Un-Union the part by taping the BACK Button/UNDO button. I like to have a copy of all my part in Un-Unioned form incase I want to edit Said parts later. Which happens a lot.