Phone cable


I love how the end of the cable is twisted back, as it is usually happening in real life.

Nice work!


Yes, looks very naturally coiled- did it take much work? And patience…

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Triggered me every time. I always had to fix it. :joy:


I’m sure it took some time to position and rotate each segment/coil of cable.

The coiled cable I designed for my CB Radio was relatively straight forward as each segment/coil in the bend was rotated uniformly… It would have taken a little longer to create the ‘tangled’ telephone cable.

Happy Coiling! :rofl:


Loving the very realistic tangled effect!

I remember my OCD getting the better of me while taking a call and having to detangle the cord during a conversation even if it meant temporarily removing the handset from my ear… :telephone_receiver: :ear: :rofl:


Yea, looks great :astonished: . But how did you guys make it ? Is there a smart way of creating this coil along the curve or did you create it manually ? Did I missed some Shapr3D tool? Teach me please :blush:

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I created it manually.

First I revolved a small circle to create a basic coil.

Then I split the coil along its length using the ‘split body’ tool. This created individual loops not dissimilar to individual links in a chain.

Then I simply detached a loop…

… then re-attached it by using the align too and rotated the loop by a specified angle.

Then I continued to do this for each loop to form a nice bend.

Using random rotation angles would give a more messy (and more authentic) looking coiled cable.

I used the align too because it immediately brings up the rotation option with the axis through the face (which is less tedious than selecting the rotation tool which would require repositioning the axis point manually each time).

Hope this was helpful :smile:


Extremely helpful, thank you


You’re welcome :smile:

OOO, now I understand. Thanks a lot :+1:. Now I can go to sleep :nerd_face: and will test it tomorrow.


You’re very welcome. Sleep well :rofl:

I only make three pieces with different degrees of revolve, so i can build a coil in all directions. Then I combine them with copy and align toll.


Awesome! Yes, of course, one can adjust the single coil segments to suit. Perfect :ok_hand:

Don’t forget show me you work ….

Masterpiece! Excellent! Well done! Out of my imagination!