Placing sketch point at precise locations

Hi folks, I’ve decided its time to start digging into Shapr3d more I have continued to default to the tool I’m most comfortable with and since I’ve been a paying customer for a while I figure I should start to use Shapr more :slight_smile: I’m wondering how I can place the start and end of sketch points at specific distances from a reference point) For example lets say I have a corner sketched and I want to sketch an arc that ends at 6mm from the corner along both the x and y of the corner. How would I do this? Thanks! - Michael


I would draw a line of that specific length, and start from that’s endpoint. You can change the line to Construction sketch too, so it doesn’t interfere with the other sketches.


Thanks, trying that technique. The only drawback is remembering to delete the extra lines and sometime they are no longer obvious.

If you change them to construction sketch, they won’t interfere with other sketches, so you can leave them there, no need to delete. :slight_smile:

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