Portable HiFi Speaker modeled with parametric beta (version 5.560)


I wanted to seriously test the parametric Beta version by modeling from scratch a quite complex real life product : a cool HiHi portable speaker from a French manufacturer.
Here is the result, left is actual product’s photos, right is Shapr3D model.
I did most of the modeling on a second generation iPadPro from 2017 with only 4GB of RAM.

History is about 180 steps long. It takes 30 seconds on my old iPad to completely replay the history, and only 10 seconds on a Macbook Air M1.
I will post later a message on the dedicated parametric pages of the forum to share my experience on this project, as it was fun most of the time but also painful at some points.

I’m still amazed that we can do that sited in a sofa, on an 7 years old iPad :grinning:
:+1: Shapr3D’s team



Oh that’s a really nice model! :slight_smile: How did you like the current state of parametric modeling in Shapr3D?

I’m beta testing the parametric version since day one, and from several month now, it is the only version I use.


Hi Istvan. When variables will be presented in parametric version of the app? Really miss this feature.

Yes, we are working on it already. It’s coming in a couple of months.


What a fantastic design. 10 points!

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That is really great work, perfectly done.

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Where can I buy this…. jjjj amazing design it looks so futuristic. :slight_smile:

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Whoa! Beautiful! Nicely done! It gives me hope that I will be able to do nicely sculpted objects at some point.

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