Last sharp3D update

• New: The wait is over: History-Based Parametric Modeling is now out of beta. Take your models to the next level of precision with design history. Learn more at

. What does this sentence mean? On my iPad, I’m still in beta.


They’re rolling it out slowly to existing users. History is not available yet in the Mac version I downloaded through the Apple App Store, but I’m happily using the beta.

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I don’t have it yet either, on iPad or Mac. I’m wondering what “slowly” means. Will I still not have the HBPM by the end of April?

It means nothing. The situation is a little bit different. There are only two group of users (not counting beta testers). All new users already have parametric version. All old users will get this version very soon. There is no “slowly” group between :slight_smile:

I’m an “old” user, around 1,5 years now. :wink:
I installed the App via Apple App Store on my Mac. Do I get the parametric version faster if I download from the shapr3D website?

(I have the beta installed, but I would like to start to use parametric in my productive workflow… :innocent:)

I don’t think so. But as far as I know parametric version should be rolled out any day now.