Proa multihull model

Still settling on best method for hull design. This, for a 23m proa design I’ve been working on: Developed profiles and then lofted hulls and pod. No easy way to fair the surface other than trial and error.


Next effort - going back and reassessing how to approach lofting for cleaner result. These are generated using initial profile at center, and at ends. Paths for loft were center line at deck profile, and waterline plan. All curves were arcs, which were set at hull midpoint to be tangent to a reference line.

This gets a little squirrelly, and I found the primary origin of the loft better managed by using a second profile very close to the first, which was then point-adjusted to the paths. This worked very well, along with another similarly adjusted profile to force the loft into prismatic accuracy.

Again, used the 1/4 hull then mirrored twice for bodies which were then unioned - very fortunate that proas, by nature, are symmetrical end to end as well as (western proa choice) in left/right hull section.