Smoothen loft shapes

I am trying to loft this propellor but it comes out quite jagged. Is there a way to get a smooth result?

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Hi @JanLou
If you make all the sections are from a single curve you will get a smooth result.

This is one way to tackle the problem, although it would be necessary to spend time sketching precise Cross Sections and Spacing to produce a working Propeller Design.

To illustrate the method the Propeller Profiles were created from the original [smallest] Closed Shape using Sketch > Spline, Projected and then Rotated in even incremental steps of a few degrees for each Profile.

From any suitable surface [or Sketch a Rectangle if needed] and then use Add > Construction Plane choosing the Option Offset and repeat [with even spacing] as often as necessary, e.g. as shown below. Then Sketch the Smallest Profile on the first Construction Plane [CP]. Note the CPs have been Selected/Highlighted for clarity and as the process proceeds they are hidden to avoid hindering the tasks involved:

Use Tools > Project to copy the First Profile to the second CP, use Transform > Scale to adjust the size of the Profile as required, Repeat on each successive CP:

Then use Tools > Loft:

Using. Project ensures that the Profiles remain in Line and having set up the first Profile to Rotate leave the Control point on that profile and change Profiles by clicking an empty area to Deselect and Double
Tapping to Select the next Profile.
Keeping the Rotation increments the same will assist the smoothing effect.
Random actions = Random output.

The Propeller Hub could be made separately and the half Prop could be copied?
If you need more help just shout.
Looking forward to seeing your result.

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Continuing the discussion from Smoothen loft shapes:

Here is the result. Thanks for the help.


Thank you for letting us share your success, keep up the good work :+1: