Problem started today!

ok this is the third such core I have designed for a hydraulic pump, the others went fine without issue. Today I am having problems with the app. When I join the two upper bodies together I get this un solid colouring, this seems linked to the second problem, the chamfer function does not work, show the radius but leaves the square edge on…. What has happened today? I checked and updated the app (just in case- all fine). I have a tight deadline to finish this and am stuck here with the functions that won’t work, I need to join the bodies to complete the chamfers therefore leaving them separate is not an option!
Help! Pictures below

Seems like you have 2 overlapping bodies at the same position, that’s why you also don’t see the chamfer. It is probably created just fine, just the other body overlaps it. Move or delete the duplicate, and all should be good.

There are no duplicate bodies, the whole design is done in two halves, right side and left side, there is only one of everything on each side. All sketches and planes hidden. I have just re-checked every component, one of each both right and left side

Could you open the items folder and check for sure?

The Union tool has an option to keep the original bodies when merging, if it was turned on, it would explain the issue.


I am not saying you are wrong, but in the index there are no duplicate bodies

Only two of each with 6 for the cylinders obviously as they are 3 each side.
I cannot see any duplicates.

What if you delete the problematic body?

I deleted everything and reloaded a saved version from yesterday. I will try to update the app again and do a reboot, maybe that will help

If it still doesn’t work, please open a support ticket and attach the workspace in .shapr format, we would be happy to investigate the problem.

Thanks Laci, superb support as always!

Laci after the re-boot it was the same, I toggled on and then back to off ‘keep originals’ on the union action and the problem stopped. A glitch in the matrix somewhere, but all ok.
Thanks again!

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Good to hear that!