Projection query

I have a simple rectangle that has been rotated on 2 axis them split using a plane.
I want to make a copy of the resulting shape of the split end however when I add a construction plane above it and try to project the face it just gives a series of lines whose ends do not quite meet when you zoom in almost as if the construction plane isn’t parallel.
The result is that I don’t have a face to extrude.
Don’t quite understand where I am going wrong or if this is a bug?

Is the newly created plane parallel to the surface of the shape you want to re-create?
Can you share a screen shot of the shape and corresponding construction plane?

Hi Mike
Thanks for reply I believe so, pic attached

Can you show it from a different angle? It’s hard to determine what’s what.

It looks okay but zoom right in and the ends of the lines don’t meet

I have encountered a similar problem when projecting a face. It was usually due to some edge or contour that left a small gap when projected. I would zoom in and close the gap manually. One way to troubleshoot is to, first double tap on the plane where the new projection is and draw a line to see if part of it will show closed with that area being tinted blue. You can draw lines at the corners to narrow down the suspect gap.

If you want to duplicate the newly cut shape, why don’t you use Move/Rotate with copy enabled?

A copy and move wouldn’t work as the new shape is a different size with it coming away at a different angle. Also I want it to be two separate components with a flush but not mitre joint if that makes sense?
I find that some lines shoot past and others are short, even after moving and joining the lines I still can’t a face to can be extruded?

I’ve used a few Cad programs in the past and just playing around with this but finding quite frustrating at the moment!

Actually I have now got it to project to 3D one of the lines ends really didn’t want to snap to the other end so there was a small gap.

It does seem to be a bug I split the shape again with the construction plane and projected the face and it’s the same.

Is this more or less what you are trying to do?

Yes that’s it exactly but in my example the rectangle is at an angle of 45 degrees along its length of the x axis then also at 37 degrees on the y axis to start from. Then I have split it on the xz plane and the protection of the face doesn’t make a closed shape. Unless you fudge the corners after projecting it that is.

It’s a bit scrappy but this is what I’m trying to model…
Staircase with a steel stringer at a 45 degree angle detail

I get it now. Here’s another way and not using Project. I used a simple channel for this example.

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Ah brilliant yes thank you that’s perfect