I projected a shape which I set back for a label area but neededto move it after deleting my sketch plane. Did I make a mistake? I thoughtprojections could be moved? I

You can move it!
It just depends on which faces you select and where you place the central point of the move tool.

  • With just the back face selected, you can change the extrusion depth. You can also rotate and move on the other directions, but it will affect only the back face, so it will alter the shape.
  • if you select also the side face, you can then move up/down
  • if you put the move center at the symmetry axe of the bottle, you can then rotate the face around the bottle.

You can also copy the face and rotate it : just click the small icon near the rotation angle box.

’ That’s what I. expected. did work not so maybe it is because I have shelled the object.? See images here to see error message at the top after I tried moving it… Upwards

I did manage to rotate from the top though!

But i just can’t get it to more upand down

Hard to believe but it did move up and down once I just tried get can’t get it to repeat!

This is because of the concave shape of the bottle.
The face moves vertically so when going up, the upper portion of the wall becomes thinner and thinner until it would create a hole, which is not possible. Same when going down.
I made a section view to illustrate the point.

. I thought of that but the side of mine is might be a resolution issue? I put the glass to a thickness of 0.5mm and the inset is 0.3mm

R actually now I see there is a slight-concave that did not I: realise was there!

From your sketch on the “Project text” topic, I understood there was some :wink:
There is a second limitation with concave shape: when moving up and down, there is a limit above which the face would protrude which is not possible neither because the “side” face would disappear. So if you offset the face very little, it won’t be able to move that much.

Yes I think it is this last issue that is the problem that I am facing because I justtried it without shelling the body and I get the some thing a shown here

So it can only more around the bottle