Remove dots from 2D-Drawing

Hey there,

so, I created a simple shape for a laser-wood-cut. (Image 1)

Zooming in, you can see: the edges and corners are perfectly sharp. (Image 2)

Once I create a 2D-Drawing out of this shape, the corners all get dots at the ends. (Image 2-3)

Can anybody tell me how to remove them?
Since the laser cut will be very precise, I don’t want the dots to be cut also. I want it to be as perfectly sharp edges, as in the 3D version.

Thanks a lot in advance for any help!
Cheers Martin


Those points are just “helper visuals” to be able to select them for dimensions. We are not exporting them, so the cut should be precise.

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Hey @Koko_Shapr3D ,

thanks a lot for the reply. Good to know, they are intended. Yet, my exported PDF has a mix of rounds and shard corners. (Image 1)

And the DXF files seem to have the dots in them. At least the dude who will laser cut this for me send me this screenshot and he only got my DXFs. (Image 2)

Any other idea of why this could happen or how to disable the “helper visuals function”.

Thanks a ton!

There is no way to disable the points. The points you see in those images depend on the used app’s visualization; the curves are precisely saved in the DXF, and the laser cutter should use those.

Alright, thanks again for the reply. I’ll let ma Laser-Dude know and just try it out. I’ll share the result here, once I have it. :slight_smile:

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Hey Koko,

me again with one more question regarding the same issue:

Can you tell me why the PDFs are created wit round corners as shown on image 1 in my post from march 18th? The 3D figure has perfectly sharp edges and corners.


Hey! In the 3D model, we can represent “infinitely thin” edges, i.e., as you zoom in arbitrarily, the edge thickness is still the same relative to the screen. In PDF we give them a fixed (ISO or ANSI standard) thickness, which becomes round at the corners due to offsetting. We added PDF export to help users communicate the design, annotated with dimensions. We recommend using DXF or DWG for direct manufacturing purposes (like CNC), as it contains the original geometry.