Reset tutorial

I’m a woodworker not a computer guy. Some how I cant reset the entry level tutorial. It’s the one that looks like a bracket with a hole in it. I cant get it to start over. With a clean sheet of paper.

Hi, I showed in the screen recording below how you make the tutorial start from the beginning and also advance to any point in the tutorial. You can delete models already created while practicing using the delete and undo options - I showed how to do this in the screen recording as well.


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IIUC you are having difficulty restarting a Tutorial Video, not one that you have created?
If this is correct have you tried Exiting S3D ‘properly’ using the official Apple method?
Close all Apps. Swipe up from the Bottom until you have the Home Page view.
If you have several Apps in Folder(s) you may need to close a Folder en route?
Then swipe up again from the centre bottom in an arc to the right but stopping abruptly at about third to halfway up the screen.
All open Apps appear as thumbnail pages.
Tap+Hold and then push each thumbnail individually up and off the screen.
This Exits each App receiving this treatment.

Alternatively Power Down the iPad and restart after a short wait.