Ridges on rounded shapes

Hi, just getting to grips with the basics, and now trying to add ridges to rounded shape, in particular pill shaped shapes. I now want to round it off at the top and have the ridges blend into a smooth surface… Any ideas how I should be approaching this?

*Also keen to hear any comments on how I created the ridged pillar… (seemed overly complex at the time!)


Hi @Andyc Welcome to the Forum

If this is what you are looking for, look at the Clip:

The above was done rather quickly.
If you wish to be precise regarding division of the Circle, in this case, the following will help:

Happy S3Ding


Hi There,
Is this what you had in mind?


Many Thanks @Gelphyn ! Thats really helpful, especially the division of circles - way easier and more accurate that my approach. Cheers!

Many Thanks @TigerMike ! Thats exactly what I’m looking to do on the top - will give it try later. Cheers!