Scaling a sketch

I have made a sketch which I plan to extrude later into a model but I want to create 3 different scaled sizes of that sketch before extruding it, using the scale function it gives me an error message that the sketch constraints can’t be resolved.
I would usually just scale once I have made copies of the model if I was doing ordinary cut out parts but it is for cutting bowtie inlays on my CNC (pocket and cut out routing) and I have found that when I export a resized model through to my CAM software as an STL the resized models have no polylines making it impossible to generate a pocket g-code. Obviously this problem isn’t there for the initial sketch / resultant model as its based off the original vector sketch so the polyline is there but for the other two smaller ones I want to do, it’s an issue. I could redraw them smaller but I want them identical in shape and that just seems crazy having to do that when there is a scaling function.

How do I resize a sketch and sort the constraints issue I have?

I suspect that you have some projections as part of your sketch (violet lines) that cannot be resized.
Have you tried to make a copy of the sketch and resize the copy? The copy of a projection is editable, hence resizable.

Thanks, I’ll double check that in the morning. I suspect that my knowledge of constraints and how they affect things and perhaps my work flow could also be adding to the problem. I tried with a basic shape like a circle and it scaled perfectly so just unsure what’s wrong but I’ll check you idea tomorrow, it’s quite late now in South Africa, thank you for replying.

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