Resizing sketch after extrusion



I created a model in which I have a series of holes going through a block. I’m trying to change the diameter of the holes after they have been extruded but I can’t go back to the screen in which I can modify sketch dimensions.
How can I change dimension of a sketch after it has been used to make an extrusion?




just select the circle and by tapping on the dimension, you will be able to change the radius.

Please note that your hole won’t change, sketches and bodies are not connected in the app. You have to select the face of the hole and extrude it to change the diameter of the hole.

Hope this helped


Perhaps what I’m having trouble is with selecting the circle itself. When I touch the top edge of the hole with Apple pencil, the edge turns blue but neither the dimension shows up nor does the Edit sketches menu.

In the screenshot you sent, did you create the hole first and then select the top edge?



In the groups section does the sketch still exist, if so is it visible? If the sketch exists and is visible you may have to try the opposite side to get the sketch to show up. Another way to be sure is to hide the extrusion, by selecting the group it is in and using the eye icon. This will show you if the sketch is there and the location, another possibility is that your extrusion has moved from the sketch.


Thanks. I managed to get into Edit sketches mode by selecting a different sketch first.


I am curious why the body is not bound to the sketch? It seems like unless they are bound they will get out of sync which is probably a bad idea?


It’s mainly because we are a direct modeling app, meaning that all your bodies, sketches are sort-of independent of each other. It makes your life easier in a way, as in parametric modeling (which I think you’d like to see) features, shapes are built on top of each other, which make them hard to edit, when the model gets complex.

It doesn’t mean, we won’t go this way one day, we might, but currently, direct modeling just makes modeling rapid and much more flexible.