Screenshot easy upgrade functionality

I’m drawing models that I want to mix with photos, so its important to take screen shots in the correct angle and lens. A new button should be available to import a photo to the background, this way we can place and move the model over the photo so that final result looks good. Screenshot should have or not that imported background included. Normally I would prefer to save model with transparent background and later add the background photo to it, but both will match the same perspective.
Another feature, but it may be asking too much, when using the new 3D photos with depth information, ideally the model would be cut if background depth is closer to the point of view.
Or alternatively, save the image also with depth information. Guess there should be somewhere an application to mix them.
Keep the grid option with the photo background to allow easier perspective match.

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Good ideas.




Really great idea, hope this will be considered for implementation.

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