Section views visualisation

I submit the following request regarding section views. I use this function very often, but the hatched representation is “ugly” and useless when the blocks are adjacent, (nothing distinguishes them). In some complex projects, I have to cut the blocks to distinguish them and then reassemble them later. I am submitting examples to illustrate my point and proposing a solution that would consist of making the section transparent and colored to distinguish them.


Good idea I would support this request

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I support at the very least having some sort of outline to delineate bodies, would definitely help with any interferences since there is not a current “detection” tool. The hollow bodies may be a bit confusing for some, since this is after all a solid modeling program. It could also get complicated when working with shelled bodies, say 1 or 2 mm thick, there I believe the current “hatched” pattern with an outline would be easier to implement.

I would like to see this as well.


Exactly, amazing how a small graphic change makes a huge visual difference.


Another example. A real cut and coloring makes it.

I think this is one of the most overlooked facilities of Shapr3D. Impossible to use for any other than a visual help modeling.



I would like to ask again if it’s possible to change the transparency of the section view. Technically, it shouldn’t be complicated to modify your code.


Bumping this back up, also adding in a request that’s a piggyback on the defined edges.

On all parts you can select and project edges for a sketch, this should be implemented within section view. This would greatly aid in creating internal geometry.

For example putting a splitter through an air duct. Currently if I turn on section view of a hollow duct it will show corner points, but no geometry lines connecting them, leaving me to either use straight lines and expand them so they intersect the model, or guessing on curves and splines creating unnecessarily complex geometry.

Being able to turn on section view, select those edges, and project them onto a sketch plane would allow creating precise geometry quickly for internal parts.

Been asking for this for a while now.
Please Shapr3D Team, work this. Another great addition would be the ability to immunize some selected parts from being sectioned.

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