Selecting objects & parts in GROUPS not working...?

in the video I try to select the entirety of parts in a downloaded STEP file via Groups, but once I highlight all the parts of the chair, it reverts back to de-selecting them. How can I quickly select all the parts of the chair (+ join them as one object) - so I can move them around in the environment effortlessly?.. I might* need to scale the chair as a whole, but I more-so just need to rotate, duplicate and move them around in the workspace? Why is it like pulling teeth to try & execute simple tasks like this in the current version?

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What you are using here, is the “highlight” functionality, as the title of the button says there. If you want to select a group of objects, eg. in the transform tool, open the tool first, then on the top of the screen, you will find a button highlighted in the help text, by tapping on it you can select a group of objects. It might make sense to go throught the basic tutorials where we cover these things, usually they are really not painful :slight_smile:

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I’d be more inclined to go through those basic tutorials if they were actually concurrent with the latest version. But they’re not. Quite honestly they’re a slap in the face to new users, with a litany of post-addendums in the comments. You expect people to go through the tutorials? -Great. Update the tutorials.

And, consider this topic also ‘feedback’ that highlight-only in GROUPS is stupid. I go into GROUPS with the expectation to select GROUPS & a lot of objects with the intent to be tactful on those very objects, not to just look at them. What’s the point of just looking at them!? I look that them all the time!!. I need to carryout that functionality with ease. If you guys & gals want my money, use your noggin, be helpful, even toss a url link up to the direct solution to the problem I have. Or realize there’s an opportunity to streamline the software.

And avoid insulting potential clientele by way of punting us back to a likely old semi-irrelevant tutorial. understand? :slightly_smiling_face:

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And also. Nothing what you wrote here made sense. I went into the transform function, I see no such functionality to select a group of objects within that feature of the app. There’s only so many buttons to select or tap here, none of which accomplish my intended outcome

How about a simple lasso tool?

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I hope this short tutorial will do a better job explaining what I meant:


my god you’re right, it does work as specified in the video. thank you. Still have no grasp why is that when I go into GROUPS, I can’t select…uh GROUPS. And the import naming is generic, despite my imported file having clearly defined labels, etc.

Would also love some sort of intuitive controls that auto-select the last group of object I was modifying. Would love to pan/tilt and rotate views with one hand whilst moving a large group with the pencil. The UI tapping between view changes and getting the group reselected is like an all-day affair…

I am truly sorry that you found that flow unsatisfying. We are constantly working on improving the user experience, the groups menu is not an exception.

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Those that are discontent always want more, more, more. The desire can never be satisfied. When practicing contentment, you can try and understand you already have everything you need or maybe not? :crazy_face:

One day at a time… :sunglasses:

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you know what’s funny? - accepting crap for design input, products, software, incompatible file formats in CAD, and complacency as a user in sea of garbage. Cheers :crazy_face: One day at a time…