Select multiple objects and group, move a complete group

Update: read about selection in Shapr3D here

Hi, maybe it is a Pro feature or I have not found it yet, but without the ability to do a multiselect by circling objects with the pencil and grouping them this is pretty useless. Once I have a group I need to be able to treat them as if they were one object and move, resize or delete. Especiually when I have many components and need to assemble them into a model that is a key function. Let me know …


I just found the abilit to select a group in transform but I still am unable to graphically select objects by circling them to group them. When I create something it is easeier but I work with a lot of imported STEP files.

Hi - We don’t have multiselect yet.

In the meantime, here is a video on how to use Groups effectively, which in many cases can give you the same functionality (little less flexible)

It is made for 3.0 (coming out in the next few weeks), but walks you through the basics.

Also, as you’ve mentioned, you can use groups with many Tools and Transformations:

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Thanks. Main issue is right now that it crashes consistently on importing larger STEP Files 100MB plus …

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Max J. Pucher

Hey Max - Would you be able to send one of these files to me at would love to have a look as we tweaked a little on exporting larger files.

Difficult to send 200MB files …

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Would you be able to do it via wetransfer: or google drive, icloud?

Even in 3.0, you are unable to select groups to transform. In the uMake app — they have a lasso tool, and it is an absolute lifesaver when one is trying to actually create something, not for fun — but in fact using this app platform to invent.

Additionally, the app can stop, and become unresponsive, if one is selecting too many intricate pieces at once (by unfortunately double tapping with your Apple Pencil (very very carefully.)) Again, this is something that uMake does effortlessly.

This app, is nearly superior in every way. However, if this becomes a sticking point — it’s easier to use a slightly inferior product, with better features — that a superior product, that you’re constantly having to import and export in order to get anything accomplished.

Please advise…

Hi, as I’ve mentioned above we have a group transform option in Move/Rotate/Scale. Put the related bodies in one group and you will be able to transform them easily. (See picture - it shows how group selection works in tools and transformations)
We have started to develop, rethink our grouping concept. thanks for this feedback, as this will help the current concept in mind to evolve. This is a use case we definitely would like to cover.


I did notice that functionality after I had written my comment. :confused:

However, one thing that I should state, and ultimately should be understood — is that if you do not create those groups, (it wasn’t entirely intuitive to do that,) the app creates ‘groups,’ and they are inconsistent, and do not include everything in the intended model. Nevertheless, you can remedy that in the ‘Groups’ widget; it’s just not that instinctive and takes a collection of extra steps.

Thank you for your answer, and I agree that it is both correct, and solves the issues about which I had exasperation.

Perhaps creating a lasso tool (Apple’s Metal 2 API has one), where the user places one finger on the Lasso/group tool icon; and uses the Apple Pencil to Lasso select, and individually select objects/geometry. As a matter of dialogue — perhaps then you can throw a dialogue exception to ask if you want to create a group, where you can choose to select/unselect each component, and then rename it.

That use case scenario is more efficient than the competitor(s) and would streamline the selection process. Additionally, it would prompt (new) designers being introduced to this app, “Best Practices” for creating groups, naming things correctly, and creating project workspaces, that can move into programs like Solidworks; software on the desktop able to can handle production prototypes and manufacturing prototypes.

Thank you for your answer, your dedication, and your willingness to interact with your users. Honestly, the service-and-support I receive here is better than any other place I’ve been - including Solidworks!

Kind Regards,

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There are two major improvements coming soon: better selection options and better object management. We know these flows are far from perfect currently, but the upcoming improvements will be awesome. Stay tuned.

Yes, sir!

Standing by… :blush: With each new release, the improvements are demonstrative. This app is quickly becoming the most used piece of software in my arsenal.

Thank you both again, for patiently answering my questions. Also, thank you for taking suggestions into consideration.


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Also standing by for this. Can you please say roughly what you mean by “soon”?

Thanks Istvan.

Late Q1 or early Q2, currently we are testing some UI concepts.

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So … is it possible now… 2019
I’ve had to double tap select 100 bricks to put them in the group…
but not making any fuss about it… the APP is one of the best for iPad …

New to Shapr3D. Searching for multi selection I found this thread started back in 2017. Is there now the ability to multi select with the pencil such as circling several objects vs the double tap ?Thanks

Only my first day using this app and already looking for basic operations that don’t exist; an array function, and now a multi select operation. Sweet Lord how did this app ever get where it is today?

The Mac version supports multiple selects. Does the latest version on the iPad support it? The release notes when I did the last iPad update said it was supported, but darned if I can get it to work.

It’s supported on iPad via pointer, the pencil area selection is in user test phase (it’s a bit trickier to implement well) and soon after will be released.

So a trackpad on the iPad doesn’t work for multi select?

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