Shapr3D new website

Yet, it look like nobody has noticed that Shapr3d’s website has changed…Just wanted to say that, the new website is cool slight_smile:
Great job guys! Keep on going!


Thanks Arno. In a few weeks it will be much-much better.

We’ll release a lot of tutorials and new material when the Shapr3D 3.0 comes out.


Absolutely love the updated site
Not looking to be overly critical :blush:
But the white menu items at the top get a bit lost
The same gray as the Apple Store badge or maybe a deeper blue
And have no worries if the folks at Shape3D want to start posting pictures of their Friday night outfits we’ll be more than happy to give feedback on those also :blush:

Actually that’s a good idea, we could pivot to become the next Pinterest. How do you like this one: :dress:

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Let’s get 3.0 out the door first :blush:
But still feel free to post outfits
Extra points if you accessorize with 3D printed objects that were designed in Shapr :blush:

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