Shapr3D saves files as .stl but cannot open .stl files?

I’m using the free version of shapr3d and I’ve been quite impressed with it’s functionality and tech support. For some reason my three files that I have been working on have disappeared from the shapr3d menu of recent work. I have had them 3D printed multiple times and would now like to print them in metal.

Here’s the problem: I cannot open the .stl files that were saved by shapr3d. I need to make some adjustments on the designs before reprinting. Any solutions? Thank you.

Buy the pro version and give back to the guys that are working so hard to build a fully functional exceptional product.

You can’t import and edit STL files in Shapr3D, and even if you could that wouldn’t work like you expect it . Read more about it here: Explanation of export/import formats supported by Shapr3D

.stl is a “lossy” format, so some data from the original file is discarded in the conversion process. It is not possible to discern the exact original shape from the exported file.

Thank you @Istvan_CEO_Shapr3D for the link to your write up! Thank you @uber.geek for your informative response. It all makes sense to me now. Thank you thank you.