Shapr3D vlog - episode 1

Hey everyone, we have just launched our vlog. I hope you will enjoy it! :slight_smile:



Nice vlog. Perhaps for a future episode, the topic of Direct modeling vs parametric based modeling might be of interest. I’ve seen a lot of complaints on the forum with comparisons of high end CAD systems which I think are not necessarily apples to apples. However, at the same time there are many wish list items of which many are valid, and, they are more than likely on your radar for future enhancements.

I am a big fan of direct modeling. It is fast and intuitive once you become familiar with it. I have modeled many engineering prototypes with Shapr3D and made great use of my 3D printer, so much so that I now have a 2nd 3D printer. Keep up the outstanding work!

All the best, Mike

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Great stuff, looking forward to more of this.
My poor hearing appreciates a decent level of sound, absent in so many productions of this kind.
Thanks for The Team effort , keep up the good work.

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I am glad that you like it! :slight_smile: