Sheet Body Cannot be Selected

Hi guys I wonder if someone can help to explain my problem…

I’ve imported a stp file and unable to edit it, being shown the “sheet body cannot be selected” message

But with a similar/same model/process the other day I had no issues…

Model imported from sketchup


Hello Rob,
Please send us the STP file via We will further look into the issue and then get back to you as soon as possible.

Which tool do you want to use?

I’m also running into this. I’ve imported an STL file and am attempting to bisect it using the intersect tool but when I attempt to select the part it gives me the Sheet body cannot be selected error

Hi, sheet bodies can not be edited in the app.
what CAD tool did you export the design from?

You can try converting the sheet body to a solid body before importing into the app.
Just to give you an insight on what I mean, here’s a video on creating solid bodies from sheet bodies using Siemens NX:

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Hi, thank you very much.

Regards Federico

El El vie, 6 mar 2020 a las 10:10, Nwandiogo Victor via Shapr3D forums escribió:

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I just got the new Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max. I did a Lidar scan of my car. I am now trying to see how I can edit the file. I am getting the same error message: “can’t edit a sheet file.”

Oh, that can happen because you have imported an open mesh file. 3d scanning without any further postprocessing always results in mesh models. They can be either open or closed ones, that depends on a lot of things.
I am sorry to say that but you will have a really limited ability to edit mesh models. Shapr3D is a CAD modeler software which means it works well with BREP models, which have a totally different mathematical background than mesh models. For editing your mesh files in Shapr3D, please take a look at this article:

Can we use a mesh to subtract from a part made in here, so the part fits the scanned surface

Yes, it is a possible solution just look for closed meshes when using Boolean tools. Please note that if you interact with brep and mesh bodies, brep bodies will be converted to meshes too.

I’m using ScandyPro, scanning car interior, what is a good work flow? Thru mesh mixer?

yeah, meshmixer can help a lot but you should keep an eye on the parameters when finishing up your scans. I do not have much experience with LiDAR scanning with the iPad, it has a bit low resolution for my needs. I hope the community can help you more with this project