Importing a STEP file and cannot edit it?

I have drawn this in another program A few years ago and have converted it to a .step file with another file conversion tool. I believe it was originally a .sldprt file. I’ve pulled in to Shapr3D and I am trying to finish the threads near the front. I usually draw and revolve a triangle shape then subtract it from the larger body. In this case I get an error “sheet body cannot be selected” when trying to select the part I downloaded. Is there a better way to import files or a specific file format that Shapr3D likes better than others? I cannot edit this part in any way at all but I have been able to edit others…just cannot remember the circumstances surrounding that…files types, etc.

Hi, the model is a sheet body(not entirely closed to form a solid body) and this is why the app displays that.

A workaround will be to convert the sheet body to a solid body before exporting and here is a short example video on creating a solid body from a sheet body:

So i no longer have Solidworks which is kinda why I am trying to open some old files in a different format. So basically what is going on is that there are some holes or areas that are not completely filled in? Right now the only 3D modeling program I have is Shapr3d. I may have an expired subscription to fusion 360 and the CAD Converter tool i used to convert this has very limited function. Also my understanding of different CAD programs is limited and I have never had any formal training. Can this be fixed inside Shapr3d? If not, how could I go about converting to a solid body with free programs? Not really wanting to pay for anything else right now…I am using shapr3d as an idea prototype thing where then I can pass the file off to a “Real” modeler who can fix my poor dimensions etc. Do any come to mind that could handle this task?

Hi, it’s not a Shapr3d native file and it wasn’t created in the app originally so we will get the same sheet-body related error message while trying to perform certain operations on the body.

Please send the file to and we would see what we can do.