Shipping container house

I spend some days designed a new house. This one could be perfect to rent on AirBnB


Damn! Do you mind if I 3d print it? :joy::joy::joy:

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Why not???

Nice work! Guess whether one would rent, depends on location?



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It was designed thinking in a urban area, That is the reason of the porch in the first floor. And use the gadget like Alexa to be a smart house.


very nice model!

Did you make your ISO container model or import it from somewhere else ?

How accurate are your dimensions of the container ?

I am really interested in ISO container modelling and your work shows what is possible



I imported it from the web site GrabCad, there is a source of 3D models, you can find, furniture, cars, humans bodies, guns, etc, etc. Some of them are not accurate, but other are high precise. To get them you only need be a member of the community.

If you need some help or anything you can reach me at