Sketching tools autodrop

The problem that this feature will solve:

For me it slows me down to press escape twice to drop current tool in sketching mode. I would like to have an option in setting to autodrop currents tool. And would be nice to have quick access to this setting.

Brief description of the outcomes that you expect from this feature:

Make the app more convenient to work with.

What can’t you achieve without this feature?

So for example I want to draw a single line, I press “L”, draw a line and press escape to exit drawing process.

Right now I have to press escape once again to drop a line tool.

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Thanks for the feedback! This is a part of the app that we’re working on as we speak so your feedback is timed perfectly!

Could you help me understand the issue a bit better?

  1. What do you do right before you’d add such a line?
  2. What do you do next, right after you drop the line tool?
  3. The way Esc works in this situation is the following. Ideally, which of those steps would you like to see skipped or combined into a single operation?
    (a) First Esc cancels the ongoing sketching operation, if there’s one (eg. an unclosed sequence of lines, a spline etc.)
    (b) Second Esc drops the sketch pen (eg. Line, Spline) but keeps the app in sketch mode (so it becomes possible to select sketch items to add dimensions or move them, but also to select closed “fillings” and start an extrusion or other 3D operation)
    (c) Third Esc exits Sketch mode and the main menu resets to its starting state
  1. Different things.
  • It can be very start of the sketch and I just need a single line (for example to scale photo to dimensions). Or to make sketch persist to start projection process.
  • It can be complex geometry then I use splines and lines one by one, but I don’t need more then one straight line at a time.
  1. Very often I need to do some selections for constraining for example. To keep geometry you really need to lock and constraint every thing right after you and almost any single line.

  2. I would like to skip (b). And I would never want to get out of the sketch by pressing escape. For me it better to stay in sketch mode until I hit the cross in the menu. But also would good to have separate hot key for exiting (but not escape for sure).

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Thank you for the explanation, it makes sense. We’ll look into this behaviour and figure out how it could be improved.

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Thanks, Just want to day, a setting to turn on or off whatever magic you come up with as not everyone works the same :slight_smile: