Make a click and drag jump to last used Sketch tool

Newb (and always will be, probably) here. Does a setting still exist in Shapr3d for Mac that enables the automatic instant line sketch tool selection mentioned in the first Shapr3D tutorial video for sketching at ~00:00:52?

Have I already made settings changes that affect instantly drawing a line without selecting the sketch tool first?
Is there a different set of videos I should be watching?

I’ve already created and 3D printed a couple of simple designs, but I’m not fluent in CAD and think I have to work more with basics to catch on better.


I’m on pc, but when I am in 3D view I hover over the face I want to sketch on. Then press space bar.
It automatically goes to that plane and opens the line tool.

Like this.

Does this answer your question?

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Thanks. I think it’s close, and it’s probably just as good for real work, but in that video, nothing exists in that window when clicking and dragging makes the tool selection rather than drawing a selection box (which is what happens for me). Maybe that’s why I stay a newb for so long.

I can go through 20 nominal steps and the only one I remember is the one that gives me different results. I can see that this app is going to change too quickly to let me dwell on minor inconsistencies with old tutorials, if that’s what this is. If it’s a setting rather than an inconsistency, I’m hoping to grasp it. Thanks again.

What you see in the tutorial video is the iPad version, operated with the pencil. Desktop version is a little different because you use a mouse. Took a while for me to understand this too.

I’m also just beginning, and found this community here very helpful for all my questions.

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Indeed as @doctortropico mentioned, it’s a difference between the iPad and desktop versions.

On desktop you still have multiple ways to reach the Line (and other) tools directly, depending on your settings. You can use command search and type in the tool’s name, or use hotkeys to start the tool immediately.


True, forgot to mention that. I use the L hotkey a lot.

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I think that’s what I needed. My Single Key Action was set to Command Search. Thanks.