Slicing a 3D Object into Layers for CNC

I have been using Shapr3D for a little over a year now and love the user friendliness. I mostly use the app to create objects to be milled on the CNC and have been ‘slicing’ objects the very long way (creating multiple copies and going through layer by layer and creating the slice). For example, if I create a object that looks like the liberty bell, I would need to slice it into layers to be milled on the CNC machine and then assembled later. Obviously for greater resolution, you would want more layers and for less resolution, less layers. So here is the question: Is there a function in Shapr3D that would allow for an object to be sliced into layers and then exported as .svg or .dxf files? If so, how would I go about doing this? If there isn’t a function, is there an easier way that I could go about doing this? With some of the resolution I am needing, it will take me hours to get all of the layers I need, saved and then prepped to be milled.

I don’t think Shapr3D can do this, but you might look into Slic3r’s Slice to SVG feature. You would need to export your object as an STL file and then open it in Slic3r, where you can set the layer height according to the resolution you need. (I believe it generates a single SVG file containing all the layers rather than one file per layer.)

If you’re doing 3d profiling work then a better investment would be a cam app. I’m not up to date on what’s out there currently but a quick search should bring up plenty of options to suit your requirements.
Generate your model in shapr then export it. Most professional cam accepts parasolid data or .step usually works.

Most of my buddies use FeatureCam or MasterCam.

I think your best bet right now would be to export a STEP file and get your model into something like Fusion 360. You can slice it up there and create CAM toolpaths.

Yes he needs a cam processor. It’s not slicing, rather creating tool paths Slicing is a term more appropriate for printing,

Mastercam is expensive. My buddy keeps hitting me up for old used PCs with parallel ports for his dongle so he doesn’t have to buy a newer version. I do IT work as an in home service so I get some old hardware sometimes,

A cam processor in a program like Mastercam can take Iges, STls and several other formats and go directly to tool paths without the need to “slice”.

The only reason you’d need to slide a model for creating CNC toolpaths is if it’s an organic 3D model that you would cut out in layers and fasten together later. If you’re going to cut it in one go, or it something more 2.5d CAM software like Fusion or MasterCAM would work fine. MasterCAM is way overkill but if you have access to it it’s certainly powerful

You can do this through the
program, which specializes in CNC work, doing some processing of the designed model and exporting orders from it to any machine.

Art cam app