Slow Processing

Why when my design starts to get more involved it gets slower and slower to process and at times won’t process at all? I’ve watched many many videos on YouTube with FAR more detailed projects and I don’t see anyone else having the same problem. Any advice would be appreciated!

I want to take the “thinking bubble” out and shoot it!!

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Hi! Can you send a problematic workspace to with a brief description of what is needed to reproduce the issue?

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Already did.

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If your staff could provide some tips as to common issues that effect the loading/processing time that could be used to speed the app up, that would be fantastic. I’ve seen many of the same inquiries on this forum but no advice on how to solve this issue.


Hi and welcome to the S3D Forum.
Like the OP in this thread it may be helpful if you describe the problem(s) that you are having. By doing so you would arm the Team, and willing Forum Members, with the information needed for appropriate response.
As a User interested in having a smooth, slick route to producing superbly accurate and splendid looking Designs, I have not experienced any unexpected reduction in S3D’s performance at any time. However I have made myself aware of the limitations imposed by processing huge amounts of calculations at one time.
It seems that problems, like the OPs, are satisfactorily dealt with but the manner of doing so, i.e., ‘backroom’ investigation case by case, satisfies affected individuals but fails to present the outcome to the Forum. Perhaps this has contributed to the need for your post?
Problem resolution in private does not help to disseminate knowledge that would both diminish the need for a lot of questions and benefit the community.
Be aware of the, very welcome, rapid and continuous improvement of S3D. This means it is highly likely that new problems will arise. At present the Team are under pressure to ensure that the move to iPadOS proceeds efficiently, even so I am sure they will respond if you provide useful information.

Hi @McKenzie24. If you can send the problematic workspace to, we would love to take a look.

Has this been fixed yet. I just got into modeling and am on a brand new 2020 iPad and have a spiral design that already starts to lag.

That should not be the case, can you please report the issue at