Very slow since 5.22

On my iPad since yesterday update I notice everything is a lot slower
Video below
My iPad info
iPad M1 1to
iOS 15.7
Sp3d 5.22

Any idea?

It likely has no connection with graphics (as it’s the modelspace, not Visualization), more of the complex geometry created by the projected splines.

@Breakin could you please open a support ticket, and upload the workspace? We can check how it was on an older version and see if there is a performance regression.

.how do I Upload my workspace ? Plz ’

Export it in .shapr format, and attach it to the support ticket.

The current implementation of boolean operations performs more calculation if the body is more complex. This will change in the (not near) future, but it needs significant changes in the kernel. The flow I usually use - as a work around - is to create the boolean operation on a single element and use that with pattern. That way I only have to call boolean 2 times which makes it super fast.


I’ll be patient as usual but am already looking for a substitute. There is so much work still to get a good product here and the focus on visualization just simply turns me right off.
Focus on useability for crying out loud!

Hi Svenito, I understand that you don’t need Visualization. We are a team of 130 and we are working on several parallel tracks. Adding features to Visualization does not slow down adding other features that you need.

Well, if you wanna keep me as a subscriber, as an example, make sure most of those 65 work with cleaning up/organizing my workspace and improve it then. See, there is lots to do still instead of going sideways and wide.
Enabling/ Activating a construction plane can sometimes look retarded …and then if using keyboard and mouse as I also do it can literally be exhausting. ConfigurIng workspace is a major advantage. Put some work into item list. How to interact with everything is literally even an ergonomic issue.

… and what’s with the script changes in this forum. Why is may …puter doing stuff it did not before!?

Hi Svenito, we have hundreds of thousands of monthly active users, from whom we are receiving hundreds sometimes thousands of feature requests every month. While I understand that it might feel that your requests are not making it into the app as quickly as you want it, the team is working hard to satisfy the top requests as quickly as possible.

To be honest with you, I have started moving over to see if I can transfer over to Onshape. More money but a product that steps it up a few notches.Those hundreds of thousands of users maybe have a different span of patience than I have. I need to see a lot more work put into Shapr3d but maybe it caters to a different clientel simply, it just attracted me initially due to it’s level of bringing an idea into visual space with ease.
Shapr3d is an excellent product to play with designs and at this level I appreciate it. It is a wide definition Computer Aided Design.

I’m sorry to hear that. In the last 12 months we released hundreds of new features and improvements, and we are releasing new updates with new features every 2 weeks, so i’s worth checking back often.

Most of us Shapr3D users are here for a reason. We like Shapr3D and what it does for us. I personally grow annoyed at comments like this where people attack Shapr3D. If you don’t like it, be quiet and go away…!

Critisism has always been greatly appreciated by me to make me change according to the world around me, from any point and level. Kids, pro’s even intellectually challenged alter my thinking every day.
In that manner I’ll take even your opinion although I’m sure that you are not much for change from the way I read you.
I’ve said frequently here that it is/was(depending on how one views late development) a wonderful product, but when my UI looks like the drawer where I keep most everything from around my house that can not be categorized then… then I feel like voicing my opinion in true manner of free speech for the purpose of still believing. After all, Shapr folks did implement one of my ideas.

Constructive feedback is always welcome. That is an element, and part of the intention of the forum. Saying you don’t like Shapr3D and moving on to OnShape adds no value. Stay focused on what your needs are, share how other programs do things. Make your comments valuable to the Shapr3D team. The others on this forum take time to read these posts, and help people with their issues. You said your moving to OnShape. How is that constructive feedback, or value add for Shapr3D?