So many new issues

Guys, I need help! Since the update I can’t even design a simple ring. :frowning: (I’m in 3.0.2)

I want to select a shape to move it, I’m having to manually select all sides.
In attempting to move an object, it will not move it with the “copy” function selected.
I rotated a cubic rectangle about 20mm long, and as it approached 90 degrees, that 20mm grew into infinity.
Selecting an item to move it sometimes results in moving only that face (extrude)
After a dozen attempts I cannot move an item on the z axis
Attempts to move an object NEVER has the center on the object I’m attempting to select.
It’s since self-corrected, but one of my workplaces went entirely black.
Extrusion stops completely upon encountering another object.
Moving an object A to intersect with an object B causes object A to “eat” object B, as in object B vanishes as it intersects with A

This is from a workplace I just created this morning, and is not an older file or anything imported. This is simple cylinder creation/extrusion and moving. I basically cannot get any work done at all. :frowning:

So, in 2.xx you were unable to move faces, in 3.xx you are able to do that, if you want to move a full body, yes you need to select all it’s faces, but you have a shortcut to do that :slight_smile: just double tap with pencil on any face of the body and it automatically selects the full body.

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Thank you, this fixed several issues. Also, I now realize that you now have to select a body before selecting the ‘move’ option.

I’ll keep on and see if more errors pop up. Some of these are just plain weird.

I order to elevate the app to the next level, we had to change some interactions, and tweak some flows. These can be unusual for the first time for those who used the older versions, but overall the improvement is 10x+.

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You don’t “need” to. You can select it in the move tool anytime. We support “preselection” for many tools, it means you don’t loose selection if it is valid for the chosen action. The only “tool” we have working only by preselection is the delete action.

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Yes, I’m sure I’ll get used to the changes. Having to select the spline points one at a time was longer at first, but now it’s more intuitive!

Thank you for the clarification Zoli! That helps a lot.

So far the black screen in a workspace hasn’t happened again, nor has the bizarre extension into infinity, which is good! Understanding the new selecting process seems to have fixed most of the other issues. Thank you guys!